UT3 Maps


With UT3 comes the official implemetation of the Vehicle CTF gametype. Being an avid fan of VCTF, I will continue to map for the gametype, hopefully bringing some beautiful and highly playable maps to the gaming community.


 On the lost continent of Lemuria lies the citadel of Andromeda, once occupied by an ancient race who worshipped the dead, now a battlefield for your fragging pleasure.More


 Resistance is futile! More


 The insurgents battle to retain this key power installation, the heart of Axon industry and weapons manufacture. A victory here for the Necris is essential for their continued infestation of the planet! More


 The last human outpost before theTundra begins. A medium sized snow themed map. More


 When the Liandri Research & Development department required an arena to test their translocation/teleport technology, they designed and built 'Apex'. After purchasing the technology, and to show their appreciation, the Necris donated an array of vehicles, which have been used frequently ever since. More


 A lapse between the gap of the synapse. Remake of the popular UT2k4 map, with kind permission of +evergreen+.More


 The city is in ruin, the bridge between the red and blue district is all that remains.. now the clans fight for the flag and the battle line has been drawn. A conversion of the popular UT2k4 map, with kind permission of Hobi-Wan. A few changes for UT3 playability.More


 "And unto the believers the sacred gift of undeath, those taking the sacrifice shall sit beside their creators, with a river of black running through their veins for an eternity." The prophecy has been fulfilled, lost is your soul. More


 The setting sun casts long shadows across the once busy metropolis, the last of the commuters head homeward to suburbia, and two brave teams ready themselves for an urban battle of epic proportions. It's time to train your brain with some good old fashioned pain, and go completely 'off the rails'! More


 Remake of my last map for UT2004, essentially it was a learning experience of the new unreal editor, as well as bringing one of my personal favourites to UT3. I stripped out a lot of aspects of the original, things I felt weren't necessary to essential gameplay. What transpired was a fast paced, highly entertaining romp through a canal scene. Attention as always is paid to detail, as well as achieving some great gameplay aspects. More