UT3 Maps / VCTF-Electro

Resistance is futile! A small to medium sized VCTF map set in a futuristic electrical power plant. There's lots of fun things to play with, including shoot triggered electromagnets, plasma pits and dynamic ramps. Gravity tubes connect the lower levels with the upper levels, and can be used by both players and vehicles. A health station central to the map which can be triggered to cause damage, provides an interesting alternative to the megahealth. The flags are positioned on floating pads which rise and fall between 3 levels offering many routes away from the flags. There is also a score based vehicle spawning system which gives the losing side extra vehicles, If the score difference is 2 or more then a nightshade is given, 4 or more and a darkwalker is given. There is also a shield around the flags which ejects people from the nightshade if they try to put deployables on or near the flags.

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